Printing Options Available

We offer 5 different types of printing methods!

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ll walk through all of these details during our initial meeting!

Digital Printing
Digital Printing is the most cost effective method. The ink is flat to the paper and we use the highest quality paper stocks. You are not limited by the number of colors on a piece.  We also offer digital WHITE, GOLD and SILVER printing!

Thermography Printing
Common printing method used for stationery. The ink is raised up above the paper and has a slightly shiny appearance. Thermography printing is priced per color.

Letterpress Printing
This method uses plates covered in hand-mixed ink which are pressed into the paper creating a deep, luxurious texture. Letterpress is a handmade process that has a vintage feel and offers a slight variation showing the craft of each beautifully, unique piece. [$$$]

Foil Printing
Similar process to letterpress, but it specializes in shiny metallics (think Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Pearl, Copper). If you’re looking for a pop of metallic, this is the printing method for you! [$$$]

Hand Calligraphy
We team up with several local calligraphers who specialize in a wide range of styles for your guest addressing or if looking to add a touch of hand written text to your invitation!